The Blaze

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di 14 feb 2012, 17:09

In my lifetime
I have met many with facades
speaking sweetly to my face,
but once my back is turned
The betrayal ensues
their true thoughts proclaimed.
They are needing to undermine
my confidence
my credibility
trying to cut me down
in a feeble attempt
to bolster their self doubts
and raise their confidence.
Intentionally, obstacles are placed in my path,
out of spite and with malice
so that I might stumble, fall
and be hurt.
Waiting, hoping, praying
for my failure.
Cut down by thoughtless, uncaring words
Wounded by vengeful, heartless actions
Injured by prejudiced, insensitive minds
I falter
but do not fall.
I bleed.
Though their words can hurt deeply
their actions singe my pride
and inflame my sense of injustice
I feel each stinging barb
yet I survive.
I heal.
In the process
discover my strength
my courage
my power.
With the knowledge
theirs is merely a charade
drenched in hypocrisy
awaiting discovery.
These thoughts and deeds are rooted
in ignorance and fear
but most of all
in jealousy.
Like the mighty phoenix,
Once again I rise from the flames
set to destroy me
and take flight.
I am
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di 14 feb 2012, 17:20

Hoe waar dit soort woorden zijn.... :)
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