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Re: Wortel 2 transformatie aka Rothschild

Geplaatst: zo 11 aug 2013, 21:09
door Het Dolle Eland
[quote=""Het Dolle Eland" post=74725"]Die downloadertjes had ik even geïnstalleerd, maar nu weer uitgezet. Ik heb geen flauw idee wat er gebeurd en wat er wordt binnengehaald.

We kijken nu dus gewoon online de verschillende afleveringen. Alles wat ik inmiddels heb doorgelezen is ontzettend mooi in beeld gebracht en David Talbott legt het allemaal rustig en gedegen uit. Gisteren The Electric Comet gekeken. Wow!

De Russen hebben trouwens mooie plaatjes van Venus gemaakt...:

Most of the information about Venus has been derived from the intensive Soviet study of the planet. The only existing images from the surface were returned from four of their landing craft. The Soviets attempted to send photo-television cameras to Venus in 1952 and 1965. Unfortunately both these attempts failed. The first successful Lander which could take photographs was the Venera-9. Among others to land on Venus are Venera-10, Venera-11, Venera-14, Venera 15 and 16, Vega-1 and Vega-2. It clearly seems that the intensive Soviet study of the planet brought fruitful results and is an aid to further research on the planet.

Read & se more[/quote]

Natuurlijk is er info over Venus ;-)

Dione's Daughter

Jul 08, 2010
Instead of a birth at sea, rising up out of the foam, Aphrodite appears to have been born of a fiery furnace.

On April 11, 2006, ESA's Venus Express entered orbit around the enigmatic planetary inferno. The mission is designed to explore the upper atmosphere and the "mysterious" ultraviolet bands in the cloud tops, as well as why those high altitude clouds rage at hurricane force. It is a puzzle to planetary scientists, because the atmosphere at the surface moves sluggishly.

Images obtained by various Russian Venera-class landing vehicles revealed a rock-strewn, sandy terrain with low hills in the distance. Venera 14's instruments felt what would be called on Earth a light breeze, with an average wind speed of only 0.3 to 1.0 meters per second. Venus Express hopes to resolve this issue by conducting long-term atmospheric circulation studies.


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Geplaatst: zo 11 aug 2013, 21:44
door dodeca
het is weer raar in rolstoelerland,ga maar weer krabben rollie:

Astronomers Find Ancient Star 'Methuselah' Which Appears To Be Older Than The Universe

Scientists have discovered an "impossible" star which appears to be older than the universe.

The mysterious star Methuselah appears to be between 14 and 15 billion years old - a bit of an issue considering the universe itself is known to have come into existence 13.8 billion years ago.

Oddly enough, Methuselah is even located inside our own galaxy - about 190 light years away.

And even after using new information about the star's distance from us, its brightness and its structure, scientists are unable to place an estimate of its age much below 14.5 billion years - still older than the universe.

er zit nog wat marge in de berekening maar vroeg of laat zijn ze finaal de lul die frutrolstoelers..... ... 34999.html

de rollo's worden voorbereid.

Re: Wortel 2 transformatie aka Rothschild

Geplaatst: zo 11 aug 2013, 23:54
door Het Dolle Eland
"...Through experiments over the past few decades physicists have discovered matter to be completely mutable into other particles or energy and vice-versa and on a subatomic level, matter does not exist with certainty in definite places, but rather shows 'tendencies' to exist. Quantum physics is beginning to realise that the Universe appears to be a dynamic web of interconnected and inseparable energy patterns. If the universe is indeed composed of such a web, there is logically no such thing as a part. This implies we are not separated parts of a whole but rather we are the Whole..."

American physicist, Barbara Brennan

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Geplaatst: ma 12 aug 2013, 14:18
door dodeca

Astronomers have detected a strand of galaxies and gas flowing into a remote cluster.

Today’s predominant cosmological hypothesis is based on a gravity-only paradigm. Moving masses and heat are the only factors allowed to operate in this Universe. Electric charge is sometimes considered, but it is usually negligible in its effect, if it has any effect at all.

In previous Picture of the Day articles, it was noted that charged particles streaming from stars like the Sun are called a “wind” by the majority, instead of an electric current. Ions accelerated by a magnetic field are referred to as “jets”, instead of the collimated transmission of electrical energy through space, while changes in the density and speed of charged particles are almost always deemed to be “shock waves”, and not the mark of double layers that can store and dissipate electricity, or even explode.

Exploding double layers in the consensus view are either supernovae—the violent death of stars whose thermonuclear processes have reached a critical stage, or stars that have shed their outer shells of gas and dust, emitting x-rays and extremely high frequency ultraviolet light.

One recent example of that view is a press release from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory website. According to the article, a 13-million-light-year-long surge of galaxies, gas, and dark matter is streaming into the center of the galaxy cluster shown at the top of the page. That is not the most “remarkable” aspect of the occurrence, however. MACSJ0717 represents the collision of four separate galaxy clusters over five billion light-years from Earth that will eventually become one exceptionally massive cluster.

The region is thought to be incredibly hot because the molecules of gas and dust are crashing into each other, resulting in x-rays flashing out from the blue color-coded regions. Cheng-Jiun Ma from the University of Hawaii, one of the authors of a paper about the observation, described the cluster integration as a strictly mechanical phenomenon: “Since each of these collisions releases energy in the form of heat, MACSJ0717 has one of the highest temperatures ever seen in such a system.”

Several computer simulations have been developed over the years so that what is unobservable “billions of light-years” away can be modeled on the desktop. It comes as no surprise that the observations appear to match the simulations. The same ideas used to construct the computer algorithms are also in the minds of those working with the instruments. Building a device that is designed to see what has been simulated is how modern science works. Mathematical formulae make both possible.

Perhaps the lack of knowledge regarding electricity in space can account for the opinion that gases colliding produce x-ray and other energetic emissions. After all, perception comes through training and education, so without exposure to the theories of Kristian Birkeland and Hannes Alfvén regarding the behavior of electricity flowing through plasma no perception of its behavior can exist in the mind’s eye.

Alfvén said: “The cosmical plasma physics of today . . .is to some extent the playground of theoreticians who have never seen a plasma in a laboratory. Many of them still believe in formulas which we know from laboratory experiments to be wrong . . . several of the basic concepts on which theories of cosmical plasmas are founded are not applicable to the condition prevailing in the cosmos. They are ‘generally accepted’ by most theoreticians, they are developed with the most sophisticated mathematical methods; and it is only the plasma itself which does not ‘understand’ how beautiful the theories are and absolutely refuses to obey them. . .”

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Geplaatst: di 13 aug 2013, 15:26
door Het Dolle Eland
Nog eventjes iets over die Russische meteoriet...:

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Geplaatst: wo 14 aug 2013, 09:07
door dodeca
Dit zegt Nasa:


...en dit zegt Thornhill:


stapje voor stapje gaan de rolstoelers het inzien....

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Geplaatst: wo 14 aug 2013, 12:55
door combi
[quote=""combi" post=74427"]Afbeelding
Exotic geological formation in Namibia. Credit: Google Earth

Dragon (The Thunderbolts Project)[/quote]

It has the body of a snake and the head of a lion. It has legs that end in clawed feet. It often has wings: it flies, or at least it comes from the sky. It breathes fire.
Aug 13, 2013 ... -dragon-2/

It’s an absurd creature, and the stories can be dismissed as the fantasies of idle primitive minds. Except…

The stories come from Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica, from England to Australia. They emerge from the time before recorded history. They are part of a voluminous literature of stories that are called myths and legends. All are absurd. Together with rock art, they constitute the oldest heritage of our species: they come from where we came from, and they give context to who we are and why we are who we are.

They have a regularity, like sunrise and sunset, but a regularity that is chillingly alien. How could all these apparently unconnected societies tell essentially the same story and draw essentially the same figures with many of the same specific details? Curious minds want to know why—not the why of the dragon, of the individual stories and images, but the why of global absurdities. The intelligibility to be understood is the consilience of myths and petroglyphs everywhere.

That they are stories and images of nature satisfies the “global” part; the “absurdities” part cannot be dismissed by saying that ignorant primitives, who lived in and were more dependent on nature’s regularities and vicissitudes than the knowledgeable experts today, didn’t know what was really happening.

The ancients were smart enough to trace the path of Venus and to predict her appearances. Why, then, did they identify her with a dragon? By the time of written histories, among cultures that are recognized to have had astronomies, the planets were identified with the mythical gods and the legendary heroes. Was this an arbitrary identification? If so, why were the same identifications made around the globe? Were the identifications instead differentiations from prior undifferentiated unities?

For the ancients, the stories were not fabulous: they were real. Reynolds Price remarks in the introduction to A Palpable God, “If we call them untrue, we must call them insane. They are plainly not deceitful….” They are “eyewitness reports of external events.” They were told to provide consolation: narratives of origins and causes.

We modern people also tell stories of origins and causes: a big bang from which the universe gradually expanded, evolution by selection of random mutations, plate tectonics that slowly grind continents together. Our stories are different, not because we’re smarter but because our lives—and their origins and causes—are different. Our nature is different. We are born from and into a nature of continuity, uniformity, gradual change—a universe without dragons. Except…

In plasma labs, plasma dragons again breathe fire and roar deafeningly. Plasma instabilities contort discharges into the same forms pecked into ancient rocks. Space telescopes take pictures of axial columns and ouroboroses in other stars and galaxies. Space probes measure the electric currents that make up similar features around the Earth.

If the power in the Earth’s currents were to increase sufficiently, these currents would begin to glow. We might then see a nature similar to what the myth-makers saw.

The mythical stories are provincial in that they tell about only one state of nature—a cataclysmic one. In the same way, modern stories—the big bang, evolution, plate tectonics—are provincial, telling about only one state of nature—a stable one. However, we see in plasma labs, in space, and in the ancient past that nature has several states.

We need new stories—new theories—that can tell us about the origins and causes of this multi-state nature. We need new stories that can console us as we struggle to live lives that seem to bridge these dual and dueling states.

By Mel Acheson

Re: Wortel 2 transformatie aka Rothschild

Geplaatst: wo 14 aug 2013, 19:37
door dodeca
yep.... het schermen is begonnen....

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Geplaatst: do 15 aug 2013, 07:49
door Het Dolle Eland
"Atu" = "Thunder Bolt" ;-)


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Geplaatst: do 15 aug 2013, 09:15
door dodeca
Tesla said that the best conductor was the Earth, even better than copper.

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Geplaatst: do 15 aug 2013, 18:33
door dodeca
‘Wee hun, die het kwade goed noemen en het goede kwaad.
Die duisternis voorstellen als licht en licht als duisternis’.

Jesaja 5: 20.

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Geplaatst: do 15 aug 2013, 20:04
door Het Dolle Eland

Re: Wortel 2 transformatie aka Rothschild

Geplaatst: do 15 aug 2013, 20:19
door dodeca
deze is onlangs gemaakt..

dok noemt dit nieuwe koek!


New insights into the 1-in-a-million lightning called ‘ball lightning’

One of the rare scientific reports on the rarest form of lightning — ball lightning — describes better ways of producing this mysterious phenomenon under the modern laboratory conditions needed to explain it.

The new study on a phenomenon that puzzled and perplexed the likes of Aristotle 2,300 years ago and Nikola Tesla a century ago appears in ACS’ The Journal of Physical Chemistry A.

C. Michael Lindsay and colleagues explain that ball lightning consists of a floating, glowing ball that may drift eerily through the sky and then explode violently, sometimes injuring people and damaging buildings. The balls can range in size from a garden pea to globes several feet in diameter and glow for up to 10 seconds. Since it occurs only once in every million lightning bolts, natural ball lightning cannot be studied with scientific instruments. Like Tesla in 1900, Lindsay and colleagues did their research by producing artificial ball lightning in the laboratory.

They describe experiments that led to more effective ways of making ball lightning, essential for further insights into the phenomenon, and techniques that made the fireball last longer so that observations could continue. They developed a special video technique that reveals more information than ever before about the structure of the lightning balls and how they move.

ook wel nieuwe moederkoek!

cookie monster!

Re: Wortel 2 transformatie aka Rothschild

Geplaatst: do 15 aug 2013, 20:27
door Het Dolle Eland
[quote=""Het Dolle Eland" post=74836"]"Atu" = "Thunder Bolt" ;-)


Even blijven haken bij deze afbeelding, waar dus het symbool "Atu" voor "Thunder Bolt" staat. Valt mijn oog ook op het symbool "Quarna" dat natuurlijk "Kroon" betekend (of Royal Crown).

Ondertussen ben ik tussen alles door nog steeds met het boek bezig "Het Heilige Bloed en de Heilige Graal".

Lees ik dus ter gelijkertijd bij het plaatsten van de bovenstaande afbeelding over mysterieuze Merovingische bloedlijn (afstammelingen van Noach? / Arcadië?) - waar het oa. in dit boek om draait.

Op pagina 214 wordt beschreven hoe deze "mysterieuze" bloedlijn op wonderbaarlijke wijze tot stand lijkt te zijn gekomen...:

Koning Merovech was een bovennatuurlijk figuur. Zijn naam betiteld het woord "moeder" en "zee" (Frans én Latijns). Merovech schijnt twee vaders te hebben. Zijn moeder was al zwanger van vader Clodio. Echter bij een zwemtochtje in de zee werd zij verleid/verkracht door een zeewezen dat van "overzee" kwam.

Dit zeewezen wordt "bestea Neptuni Quinotauri similis" genoemd ("Quinotaurus") en bevruchtte de moeder voor de tweede keer.

Toen dus Merovech werd geboren stroomde er een mengsel van twee soorten bloed door zijn lichaam (het bloed van de Frankische heersers én dus het bloed van de Quinotaurus).

Dit is weer een symbolische / allegorische beschrijving van een of ander concreet historisch feit /event.

De Joodse traditie beschrijft namelijk ook dat twee geslachten via de moeder worden verbonden en zo worden doorgegeven.

Er wordt gezegd dat Merovech, door het dubbele bloed, dat hij over indrukwekkende en bovennatuurlijke vermogens beschikte. De Merovingen waren ingewijd in geheime wetenschappen-, occulte zaken-, astroligie en esoterische kunsten. Ook zou het Merovingische geslacht herkend worden aan een "moedervlek" in de vorm van een rood kruis tussen de schouderbladen, nét boven het hart (vooruitloper van het blazoen van de Tempeliers?).
Ook het lange haardracht van deze koningen bleken bijzondere krachten te hebben (komt ook weer voor in het vroegere verhaal van Simson).

De Merovingische koningen werden niet als "koningen" beschouwd, maar meer als "belichaming van het Goddelijke" (*kuch* tja... de planeten ;-) ).

Goed... om niet verder uit te hoeven wijdden, lijkt het wél duidelijk dat de Merovingische bloedlijn "geheimen" / "machtsgeheimen" bevat, welke direct betrekking heeft op de eerdere interplanetaire gebeurtenissen zoals het Thunderbolt Project beschrijft. Iets wat de schrijvers van dit boek (vooralsnog) niet realiseren.

Interessant vind ik dus de rol van Neptunus. Deze [strike]God[/strike] planeet wordt blijkbaar al in de verre oudheden beschreven. Ondanks deze planeet in de moderne literatuur pas werd ontdekt door Galileo Galilei in 1612.

Dat bewijst in mijn opzicht óók weer dat men planeten observeerden die in een andere baan stonden zoals wij die nu kennen. Wellicht raasde de planeet Neptunus op een bepaald moment voorbij (in het sterrebeeld de grote beer - want "Ursus" wordt ook als kernheilige gezien door de Merovingen). Wellicht zorgde de planeet Neptunus voor een verrassende flitsende en vonkelende "bevruchting"... (wie het weet mag het aanvullen ;-) ).

Symbolieken met de stierenkop/hoorns van Quinotaurus zegt alweer genoeg over de "voorvader" van koning Merovech en spreekt dan ook weer boekdelen...:

Een ander leuk detail is dit...:

Quinoa was first domesticated by the Andean peoples around 3000 years ago. Quinoa has been an important staple in the Andean cultures where the plant is indigenous but relatively obscure in the rest of the world. The Incas, who held the crop to be sacred, referred to quinoa as chisaya mama or "mother of all grains", and it was the Inca emperor who would traditionally sow the first seeds of the season using "golden implements".

During the Spanish conquest of South America, the Spanish colonists scorned quinoa as "food for Indians", and even actively suppressed its cultivation, due to its status within indigenous religious ceremonies. In fact, the conquistadores forbade quinoa cultivation for a time and the Incas were forced to grow wheat instead.

Dus... "De moeder der graansoorten" van "overzee" werd verboden door de Rooms Christelijke Spanjaarden. Interessante koppeling met "Quino-Taurus" (De stier van overzee?).

Ook maar een leuk muziekje erbij gehaald:

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Geplaatst: do 15 aug 2013, 20:31
door dodeca
jeetje wat kut zeg!