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Posted: Sun 07 Apr 2019, 11:01
by fr3bzy
Body of missing pedophile hunter found

Robert Scoular, who ran Edinburgh Exposure, has been found dead in Lochend Loch in Leith, Edinburgh, Police Scotland said ... r-14246729

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Posted: Mon 08 Apr 2019, 20:07
by fr3bzy
Wow…."Uncle Joe, say it ain't so"

Sworn statements from two Ukrainian officials admitting that their agency tried to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election in favor of Hillary Clinton. The effort included leaking an alleged ledger showing payments to then-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort;

Ukrainians officials have gone public in recent days with their frustrations, after months of trying to deliver the evidence quietly to the Trump Department of Justice (DOJ) fizzled. Unable to secure visas from the U.S. embassy, some Ukrainian law enforcement officials sought backdoor channels, Kulyk said.

“We were supposed to share this information during a working trip to the United States,” Kulyk told me in a wide-ranging interview. “However, the (U.S.) ambassador blocked us from obtaining a visa. She didn’t explicitly deny our visa, but also didn’t give it to us.”Contacts between Democratic figures in Washington and Ukrainian officials that involved passing along dirt on Donald Trump;

Financial records showing a Ukrainian natural gas company routed more than $3 million to American accounts tied to Hunter Biden, younger son of then-Vice President Joe Biden, who managed U.S.-Ukrainian relations for the Obama administration. Biden’s son served on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma Holdings;

Records that Vice President Biden pressured Ukrainian officials in March 2016 (remember? -> ... referendum ) to fire the prosecutor who oversaw an investigation of Burisma Holdings and who planned to interview Hunter Biden about the financial transfers;

Biden, in 2016, pressured Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to fire Ukraine’s top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Burisma.

Kulyk confirmed Ukraine is investigating that alleged incident: “We have evidence and witnesses stating that Joe Biden applied pressure on Ukrainian law enforcement to stop the investigation

Correspondence showing members of the State Department and U.S. embassy in Kiev interfered or applied pressure in criminal cases on Ukrainian soil;

Disbursements of as much as $7 billion in Ukrainian funds that prosecutors believe may have been misappropriated or taken out of the country, including to the United States.

Ukrainian businessmen “authorized payments for lobbying efforts directed at the U.S. government, In addition, these payments were made from funds that were acquired during the money-laundering operation. We have information that a U.S. company was involved in these payments.” That company is tied to one or more prominent Democrats, Ukrainian officials insist. ... -democrats ... is-revived

The general prosecutor’s official file for the Burisma probe — by senior Ukrainian officials — shows prosecutors identified Hunter Biden, business partner Devon Archer and their firm, Rosemont Seneca, as potential recipients of money.

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Posted: Thu 11 Apr 2019, 12:44
by ninti
live updates, Guardian: ... ve-updates

Arrestatie Julian Assange
Equador's President Lenin Moreno declaration:
“The patience of Ecuador has reached its limit on the behaviour of Mr Assange. He installed electronic and distortion equipment not allowed. He blocked the security cameras of the Ecuadorian mission in London. He has confronted and mistreated guards. He had accessed the security files of our embassy without permission. He claimed to be isolated and rejected the internet connection offered by the embassy and yet he had a mobile phone with which he communicated with the outside world.

“While Ecuador upheld the generous conditions of his asylum, Mr Assange legally challenged in three difference instances the legality of the protocol. In all cases the relevant judicial authorities have validated Ecuador’s position in line with our strong commitment to human rights and international law.

“I requested Great Britain to guarantee that Mr Assange would not be extradited to a country where he could face torture or the death penalty. The British government has confirmed it in writing, in accordance with its own rules.

“Finally, two days ago, Wikileaks, Mr Assange’s allied organisation, threatened the government of Ecuador. My government has nothing to fear and does not act under threats. Ecuador is guided by the principles of law, complies with international law and protects the interests of Ecuadorians.”/quote]

Tja, zat er wel aan te komen... RT was al week live feed aan het filmen bij ambassade:
"Say what you like about RT but they've been broadcasting the world's most boring livefeed of an embassy door for a week and ended up with footage of the police arriving and Assange being carried out. "

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Posted: Thu 11 Apr 2019, 15:31
by fr3bzy
>>6131461 (pb)

Much notable news being whitewashed by the JA arrest today

Ukrainian Security Boss Admits Ukraine Shot Down MH-17, Planned Ethnic Genocide in Donbass

MOSCOW – Top ranking SBU (Ukrainian Security Service) agent in charge of the ATO operation through 2014 when the operation commenced, Vasily Prozorov, has just made some stunning statements to international media, and has recently escaped to Russia. Moreover, without exaggeration, this is a major blow to the foreign policy positions of Kiev. It is also a very weighty argument for those forces in Europe who want to quickly move the peace process in Ukraine from its present stalemate.

In speaking to journalists, Prozorov’s presentation can be summarized with these points: – Kiev from the very beginning did not plan to resolve the conflict in the south-east of Ukraine by peaceful means. – Kiev initially planned a large number of victims among the population of Donbass, then they wanted to declare them accomplices of terrorists. – In the area of ​​the ATO there are Ukrainian secret prisons (as he called them concentration camps). – The neo nazi Azov unit also had its secret prisons. This is not Russian propaganda, people were actually killed there. – Specialists from the USA and the UK prepared a division of the SBU (Department No. 5) who went to train in the US and abroad to organize terrorist attacks and sabotage in Donbass – The Ukrainian side was involved in the Boeing crash of the MH17 flight

The Ukrainian side was involved in the MH17 flight disaster over Donbass, a former officer of the Ukrainian security service SBU, Vasily Prozorov, told a news conference on Monday. “It is my personal opinion and it relies on certain information. The Ukrainian side is an accomplice to the Malaysian MH17 flight disaster,” he said. “The amazingly prompt reaction of the Ukrainian leadership was the first thing that made me feel suspicious. My unequivocal opinion was President Pyotr Poroshenko and his press-service had prior knowledge of the affair. Secondly, hostilities had been underway for several months by then, but the airspace over the area was not closed,” Prozorov said.

In particular he emphasized the invariable response to all of his attempts to find out the circumstances of the disaster, for instance, a conversation with General Staff officers. The usual reply was: “Don’t poke your nose into this business, if you don’t wish to have problems.” “Some information has leaked out in the end, though. On the basis of my own analysis I can speculate who was an accomplice in the crime and who was involved in concealing evidence. In my opinion, there were two men involved – the current deputy chief of the Ukrainian presidential staff Valery Kondratyuk and chief of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s intelligence directorate, Vasily Burba.”

A passenger liner Boeing-777 of the Malaysia Airlines (Flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur) disappeared from the radar screens over the east of Ukraine’s Donetsk Region on July 17, 2014. Its crash killed all 298 passengers and crew on board – citizens of ten countries. Although hostilities had been underway on the ground for quite some time by then Kiev failed to close the Donbass airspace to international passenger flights. Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Ukraine created a Joint Investigation Team. On May 24 last year it published an interim report to claim that the missile launcher which had fired the missile that downed the plane might have been brought from Russia’s 53rd air defense missile brigade. ... n-donbass/

Ukrainian Security Official Says Ukraine Shot Down MH-17 ... 17/5672773

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Posted: Thu 18 Apr 2019, 18:50
by fr3bzy

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Posted: Fri 19 Apr 2019, 02:06
by blackbox

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Posted: Fri 19 Apr 2019, 21:23
by fr3bzy

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Posted: Fri 19 Apr 2019, 21:58
by fr3bzy
▶Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 04/19/19 (Fri) 21:41:40 15b0a2 (1) No.6242325>>6242327 >>6242328 >>6242329 >>6242333 >>6242336 >>6242347 >>6242348 >>6242349 >>6242350 >>6242351 >>6242352 >>6242355 >>6242357 >>6242358 >>6242361 >>6242362 >>6242363 >>6242365 >>6242366 >>6242368 >>6242372 >>6242374 >>6242375 >>6242376 >>6242377 >>6242382 >>6242385 >>6242389 >>6242390 >>6242391 >>6242393 >>6242394 >>6242395 >>6242402 >>6242403 >>6242407 >>6242410 >>6242411 >>6242412 >>6242413 >>6242414 >>6242415 >>6242416 >>6242423 >>6242425 >>6242428 >>6242429 >>6242430 >>6242433 >>6242434 >>6242438 >>6242439 >>6242440 >>6242441 >>6242446 >>6242447 >>6242448 >>6242451 >>6242452 >>6242456 >>6242457 >>6242458 >>6242459 >>6242460 >>6242464 >>6242468 >>6242472 >>6242473 >>6242476 >>6242479 >>6242480 >>6242481 >>6242483 >>6242484 >>6242485 >>6242489 >>6242490 >>6242494 >>6242497 >>6242499 >>6242503 >>6242504 >>6242507 >>6242508 >>6242509 >>6242514 >>6242515 >>6242518 >>6242523 >>6242526 >>6242527 >>6242533 >>6242534 >>6242538 >>6242541 >>6242543 >>6242544 >>6242548 >>6242549 >>6242555 >>6242559 >>6242563 >>6242564 >>6242565 >>6242568 >>6242573 >>6242576 >>6242582 >>6242583 >>6242584 >>6242585 >>6242588 >>6242589 >>6242591 >>6242592 >>6242595 >>6242596 >>6242597 >>6242598 >>6242603 >>6242604 >>6242611 >>6242616 >>6242617 >>6242622 >>6242623 >>6242626 >>6242629 >>6242630 ... l-council/

[Pg 11] Previously CLAS 'scope' > [RR] to [MUELLER]

The scope memo [highlighted w/in Mueller report] confirms the 'dossier' was the 'tool' used by [RR] to justify SC and was the primary 'vehicle' to which [RR] tasked MUELLER.

If the dossier was known to be unverified and fake, how then was an investigation started to begin with?

At what point did MUELLER determine there was no collusion?

[18-months ago?]

Was the investigation kept ongoing as a 'talking point' to rig the midterm elections?

Was the investigation kept ongoing to retain the 'BLOCKADE' to essentially restrict POTUS from unmasking and informing the public as to the TRUTH about what really happened?




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Posted: Sun 21 Apr 2019, 19:15
by fr3bzy

In the boat, left to right: Strzok, Clapper, Comey, Lynch, McCabe, Shifty Schiff, Cankles, Brennan, and the Crook in Chief, Obama.
For two years the Democrats have been on a fishing expedition to bring down a lawfully elected president. They got skunked and reeled in no evidence to support their accusation that Trump colluded with Russia to defeat Hillary.

Their boat enjoyed a high tide of hope and momentum for two years, but after the Mueller Report was released, that tide went out. All the way out. Now they’re stuck in the mud and they all look ridiculous. Do they abandon their boat and trudge back to the shore of apology? No. Most of them are tripling down on their lunacy. They’re now threatening impeachment based on ‘obstruction,’ even though there’s no proof of that, either. Maybe Trump gritting his teeth at their witch-hunt qualifies as obstruction.

Mueller knew the case was based on a phony dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton, yet he allowed the case to drag on at taxpayer expense for two years. His report is filled with accusations, but then he also says there is no proof. He said his report does not ‘exonerate’ Trump, but there’s a pesky legal issue associated with that claim. Trump is innocent until proven guilty, and Mueller couldn’t even come close. The report is nothing but damage control to save his friend Hillary and his buddies in the corrupt security agencies.

The tide is rushing back in, but this time it’s a tidal wave in Trump’s favor. What the Deep State operatives did to him is nothing short of treason and they must be held accountable. LOCK THEM UP!

—Ben Garrison


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Posted: Tue 23 Apr 2019, 11:23
by fr3bzy
▶Anonymous 04/23/19 (Tue) 05:06:15 3f417b (6) No.6280423>>6280442 >>6280450 >>6280458 >>6280476 >>6280477 >>6280484 >>6280487 >>6280512 >>6280524 >>6280529 >>6280531 >>6280534 >>6280541 >>6280543 >>6280546 >>6280552 >>6280556 >>6280569 >>6280570 >>6280584 >>6280585 >>6280588 >>6280590 >>6280595 >>6280598 >>6280602 >>6280607 >>6280609 >>6280618 >>6280623 >>6280644 >>6280656 >>6280661 >>6280666 >>6280669 >>6280682 >>6280693 >>6280703 >>6280715 >>6280718 >>6280727 >>6280728 >>6280739 >>6280743 >>6280773 >>6280813 >>6280841 >>6280846 >>6280894 >>6280902

I just want you faggots to know, as someone who works in and around the cabal. YOU HOLD ALL THE CARDS.

Years ago, they truly were the keepers of an ungodly source of pure evil inspiration. This was the engine driving the world system that enslaved minds, and crafted an endless supply of forbidden fruits to tempt the consumptive nature of man. I tapped into this many times and stood in awe of its raw power.

For WHATEVER reason, this cursed wellspring of psychological slavery has now DRIED UP entirely. The machine does NOT work the same way it had flawlessly for ages and there exists a power vacuum in the crumbling cultural hierarchy.

I am now around these same people and many creative superpowers that I operated alongside for years are literal shells of their former selves. It has been said "the left can't meme" but this phenomenon drives far deeper than that.

Having seen how their machine is intended to function, I can say definitively: their time is over.

The single greatest concentration of authentic divine inspiration currently exists in the works and shared experiences of the enlightened anon. You are FREE. While cabal pretenders are paralyzed by indecision and doubt, you exist without any limiting parameter. There are NO STRINGS ATTACHED TO YOU!

They are TERRIFIED. They don't understand how or when they lost the power, but they do concede to themselves that something is very wrong. They don't understand why you disorganized lot of disaffected randos consistently outperform their expectations while they struggle to deliver even the most basic iterations of previously mastered cultural archetypes.

Does it seem like they are imitating YOU more and more instead of the other way around? Does it seem like their estimation of outcome has become wildly inaccurate and wholly unpredictable? That is because YOU HAVE BECOME THE SOURCE and they are FEEDING OFF OF YOUR LEADERSHIP.

Take your power and wield it with impunity. Create instead of consume! Trust your newly discovered inspiration and flow to the finish line. You cannot be stopped. The fruit of their tree is devoid of any sustenance and the world is now open to your influence. Tell the story you wish to tell, one the masses are starving to hear. Show them what true inspiration looks like and let them partake in the mystery of your divine outpouring.

Focus is the currency of the elite creation anons! Do, accomplish, finish, and most of all… WIN!

>shadilay motherfuckers

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Posted: Thu 25 Apr 2019, 17:25
by fr3bzy

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Posted: Fri 26 Apr 2019, 23:03
by fr3bzy ... -collusion

How the Obama White House engaged Ukraine to give Russia collusion narrative an early boost
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As Donald Trump began his meteoric rise to the presidency, the Obama White House summoned Ukrainian authorities to Washington to coordinate ongoing anti-corruption efforts inside Russia’s most critical neighbor.

The January 2016 gathering, confirmed by multiple participants and contemporaneous memos, brought some of Ukraine’s top corruption prosecutors and investigators face to face with members of former President Obama’s National Security Council (NSC), FBI, State Department and Department of Justice (DOJ).

The agenda suggested the purpose was training and coordination. But Ukrainian participants said it didn’t take long — during the meetings and afterward — to realize the Americans’ objectives included two politically hot investigations: one that touched Vice President Joe Biden’s family and one that involved a lobbying firm linked closely to then-candidate Trump.

U.S. officials “kept talking about how important it was that all of our anti-corruption efforts be united,” said Andrii Telizhenko, then a political officer in the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington tasked with organizing the meeting.

Telizhenko, who no longer works for the Ukrainian Embassy, said U.S. officials volunteered during the meetings — one of which was held in the White House’s Old Executive Office Building — that they had an interest in reviving a closed investigation into payments to U.S. figures from Ukraine’s Russia-backed Party of Regions.

That 2014 investigation was led by the FBI and focused heavily on GOP lobbyist Paul Manafort, whose firm long had been tied to Trump through his partner and Trump pal, Roger Stone.

Agents interviewed Manafort in 2014 about whether he received undeclared payments from the party of ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, an ally of Russia’s Vladimir Putin, and whether he engaged in improper foreign lobbying.

The FBI shut down the case without charging Manafort.

Telizhenko said he couldn’t remember whether Manafort was mentioned during the January 2016 meeting. But he and other attendees recalled DOJ officials asking investigators from Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) if they could help locate new evidence about the Party of Regions’ payments and its dealings with Americans.

“It was definitely the case that led to the charges against Manafort and the leak to U.S. media during the 2016 election,” he said.

That makes the January 2016 meeting one of the earliest documented efforts to build the now-debunked Trump-Russia collusion narrative and one of the first to involve the Obama administration’s intervention.

Spokespeople for the NSC, DOJ and FBI declined to comment. A representative for former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice did not return emails seeking comment.

Nazar Kholodnytskyy, Ukraine’s chief anti-corruption prosecutor, told me he attended some but not all of the January 2016 Washington meetings and couldn’t remember the specific cases, if any, that were discussed.

But he said he soon saw evidence in Ukraine of political meddling in the U.S. election. Kholodnytskyy said the key evidence against Manafort — a ledger showing payments from the Party of Regions — was known to Ukrainian authorities since 2014 but was suddenly released in May 2016 by the U.S.-friendly NABU, after Manafort was named Trump’s campaign chairman: “Somebody kept this black ledger secret for two years and then showed it to the public and the U.S. media. It was extremely suspicious.”

Kholodnytskyy said he explicitly instructed NABU investigators who were working with American authorities not to share the ledger with the media. “Look, Manafort’s case is one of the cases that hurt me a lot,” he said.

“I ordered the detectives to give nothing to the mass media considering this case. Instead, they had broken my order and published themselves these one or two pages of this black ledger regarding Paul Manafort."

“For me it was the first call that something was going wrong and that there is some external influence in this case. And there is some other interests in this case not in the interest of the investigation and a fair trial,” he added.

Kostiantyn Kulyk, deputy head of the Ukraine prosecutor general’s international affairs office, said that, shortly after Ukrainian authorities returned from the Washington meeting, there was a clear message about helping the Americans with the Party of the Regions case.

“Yes, there was a lot of talking about needing help and then the ledger just appeared in public,” he recalled.

Kulyk said Ukrainian authorities had evidence that other Western figures, such as former Obama White House counsel Gregory Craig, also received money from Yanukovych’s party. But the Americans weren’t interested: “They just discussed Manafort. This was all and only what they wanted. Nobody else.”

Manafort joined Trump’s campaign on March 29, 2016, and then was promoted to campaign chairman on May 19, 2016.

NABU leaked the existence of the ledgers on May 29, 2016. Later that summer, it told U.S. media the ledgers showed payments to Manafort, a revelation that forced him to resign from the campaign in August 2016.

A Ukrainian court in December concluded NABU’s release of the ledger was an illegal attempt to influence the U.S. election. And a member of Ukraine’s parliament has released a recording of a NABU official saying the agency released the ledger to help Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The other case raised at the January 2016 meeting, Telizhenko said, involved Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company under investigation in Ukraine for improper foreign transfers of money. At the time, Burisma allegedly was paying then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter as both a board member and a consultant. More than $3 million flowed from Ukraine to an American firm tied to Hunter Biden in 2014-15, bank records show.

According to Telizhenko, U.S. officials told the Ukrainians they would prefer that Kiev drop the Burisma probe and allow the FBI to take it over. The Ukrainians did not agree. But then Joe Biden pressured Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to fire Ukraine’s chief prosecutor in March 2016, as I previously reported. The Burisma case was transferred to NABU, then shut down.

The Ukrainian Embassy in Washington on Thursday confirmed the Obama administration requested the meetings in January 2016, but embassy representatives attended only some of the sessions.

"Unfortunately, the Embassy of Ukraine in Washington, D.C., was not invited to join the DOJ and other law enforcement-sector meetings," it said. It said it had no record that the Party of Regions or Burisma cases came up in the meetings it did attend.

Ukraine is riddled with corruption, Russian meddling and intense political conflicts, so one must carefully consider any Ukrainian accounts.

But Telizhenko’s claim that the DOJ reopened its Manafort probe as the 2016 election ramped up is supported by the DOJ’s own documents, including communications involving Associate Attorney General Bruce Ohr, his wife, Nellie, and ex-British spy Christopher Steele.

Nellie Ohr and Steele worked in 2016 for the research firm, Fusion GPS, that was hired by Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to find Russia dirt on Trump. Steele wrote the famous dossier for Fusion that the FBI used to gain a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. Nellie Ohr admitted to Congress that she routed Russia dirt on Trump from Fusion to the DOJ through her husband during the election.

DOJ emails show Nellie Ohr on May 30, 2016, directly alerted her husband and two DOJ prosecutors specializing in international crimes to the discovery of the “black ledger” documents that led to Manafort’s prosecution.

“Reported Trove of documents on Ukrainian Party of Regions’ Black Cashbox,” Nellie Ohr wrote to her husband and federal prosecutors Lisa Holtyn and Joseph Wheatley, attaching a news article on the announcement of NABU’s release of the documents.

Bruce Ohr and Steele worked on their own effort to get dirt on Manafort from a Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, who had a soured business relationship with him. Deripaska was “almost ready to talk” to U.S. government officials regarding the money that “Manafort stole,” Bruce Ohr wrote in notes from his conversations with Steele.

The efforts eventually led to a September 2016 meeting in which the FBI asked Deripaska if he could help prove Manafort was helping Trump collude with Russia. Deripaska laughed off the notion as preposterous.

Previously, Politico reported that the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington assisted Clinton’s campaign through a DNC contractor. The Ukrainian Embassy acknowledges it got requests for assistance from the DNC staffer to find dirt on Manafort but denies it provided any improper assistance.

Now we have more concrete evidence that the larger Ukrainian government also was being pressed by the Obama administration to help build the Russia collusion narrative. And that onion is only beginning to be peeled.

But what is already confirmed by Ukrainians looks a lot more like assertive collusion with a foreign power than anything detailed in the Mueller report.

John Solomon is an award-winning investigative journalist whose work over the years has exposed U.S. and FBI intelligence failures before the Sept. 11 attacks, federal scientists’ misuse of foster children and veterans in drug experiments, and numerous cases of political corruption. He serves as an investigative columnist and executive vice president for video at The Hill. Follow him on Twitter @jsolomonReports

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Posted: Fri 26 Apr 2019, 23:07
by fr3bzy
▶Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 04/26/19 (Fri) 03:20:28 78db02 (1) No.6316088>>
6316094 >>6316100 >>6316101 >>6316102 >>6316103 >>6316104 >>6316107 >>6316108 >>6316110 >>6316111 >>6316112 >>6316114 >>6316116 >>6316117 >>6316124 >>6316125 >>6316127 >>6316130 >>6316131 >>6316132 >>6316133 >>6316135 >>6316137 >>6316141 >>6316143 >>6316144 >>6316147 >>6316148 >>6316151 >>6316152 >>6316153 >>6316155 >>6316160 >>6316161 >>6316162 >>6316163 >>6316165 >>6316166 >>6316176 >>6316177 >>6316181 >>6316182 >>6316183 >>6316184 >>6316185 >>6316187 >>6316193 >>6316194 >>6316195 >>6316196 >>6316199 >>6316201 >>6316203 >>6316204 >>6316207 >>6316209 >>6316210 >>6316212 >>6316215 >>6316218 >>6316220 >>6316223 >>6316225 >>6316226 >>6316227 >>6316230 >>6316234 >>6316237 >>6316242 >>6316246 >>6316250 >>6316251 >>6316256 >>6316257 >>6316260 >>6316263 >>6316266 >>6316269 >>6316276 >>6316287 >>6316288 >>6316290 >>6316291 >>6316308 >>6316321 >>6316324 >>6316332 >>6316338 >>6316342 >>6316350 >>6316376 >>6316379 >>6316380 >>6316382 >>6316388 >>6316394 >>6316396 >>6316400 >>6316410 >>6316419 >>6316425 >>6316428 >>6316434 >>6316439 >>6316446 >>6316449 >>6316450 >>6316452 >>6316455 >>6316466 >>6316468 >>6316478 >>6316502 >>6316503 >>6316509 >>6316513 >>6316518 >>6316528 >>6316529 >>6316547 >>6316551 >>6316561 >>6316594 >>6316616 >>6316620 >>6316621 >>6316628 >>6316639 >>6316651 >>6316675 >>6316724 >>6316735 >>6316747 >>6316758 >>6316765 >>6316785 >>6316797 >>6316801
Why would a President of the United States [HUSSEIN] assign 'RENEGADE' as his USSS codename?

Define 'Renegade'.


1. a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles.

synonyms: traitor, defector, deserter, turncoat, betrayer;

adjective: renegade

1. having treacherously changed allegiance.


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Posted: Fri 26 Apr 2019, 23:12
by fr3bzy

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Posted: Fri 26 Apr 2019, 23:16
by fr3bzy