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Op ATS kom ik net onderstaande tegen...
UFO low over Toronto- June 30th

Very interesting footage here of a UFO hovering over Toronto, Canada on June 30th.
I found this clip on Latest-ufo-sightings.com but have embeded from Youtube because i dont know how to do it from other websites (is it possible?)

The clip is 7mins long and the guy recording gives out a decent commentry on whats happening ect so i wont or you will be hearing the same information twice lol and also he seems quite genuine which makes a change.

The object(s) seems to be fairly low and is stationary at first but does start moving very fast. I'm no good at judging if things have been faked or edited (if this has then cudos to the producer) but i would say this is definately not a plane or a lantern.

Anyway, here ya'll go


Bron: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread724197/pg1

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